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Meikle Toir 05 The Original 50% (OB, GlenAllachie)

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Meikle Toir 05 The Original 50% (OB, GlenAllachie)
Image from Whisky Base


Ashy peat, oak spice and salty smoke.

Nice scale: 81/100

Back with another Meikle Toir, this time is The Original, at 35ppm as well. So, why did I put the OG at the 3rd in sequences? Because I read the label as The Onicinac, and I thought it was some new name in Gaelic. And it has 50% ABV, so I thought to complete the lower ABV bottling first.

Matured in 1st-fill Bourbon, American Virgin Oak & Rye casks. This was bottled at 50% ABV.

Meikle Toir 05 The Original 50%

Nose: Ashy and smoky. This kind of ashy and smoky is rather similar to a young Ledaig; it gives a raw feeling to it. Then, the nuts and salty sea breeze start to show. A little deeper into it, you have some salted veggies and a little salted caramel expressions.

Mouth: The entry is light/bland/smooth- the entry is similar to the previous two. Then you have ashy peat and oak spice as the first few expressions. Then comes the little sweetness (Honey, but not a lot of honey) companies with a salty expression. The structure for this is also simpler (compared to the other two). At the end, there is a super tiny bit of oiliness in the mouth.

Finish: Smokey and salty.

Nice scale: 81/100

This bottling, with the cask choice, they want to show the pure form of what is a peated GlenAllachie. It is a blank piece of paper and you can draw anything on it (Which they already did; The Sherry One, The Chinqupan One & Turbo). It is simple, it is raw but sure it is drinkable. Just felt the liquid itself can speak louder as a whole and the others might present the liquid better.

In my defence, from the specs below, you do expect a more fruity and sweet expression.

The barley was kilned with mainland peat from St. Fergus, giving a sweetness not present in coastal peats, and the resulting spirit was matured in a mix of first-fill bourbon barrels, American virgin oak casks and rye barrels.

Also, it does remind me of the 4YO future releases, but I think it is miles behind. That 4YO is indeed something else.

Meikle Toir 05 The Original 50% (OB, GlenAllachie)
Image from my house

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