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Meikle Toir 5YO The Turbo 50% (OB, GlenAllachie)

Meikle Toir 5YO The Turbo 50% (OB, GlenAllachie)
Image from Whisky Base

A small batch release of 2,500 bottles from the Meikle Toir series and the last sample I going to try for the series.

Doubled in PPM, at 71 this time, compared to the other 3, which is at 35 ppm. This bottling is a vatting of 3 American virgin oak and 5 Oloroso Hogsheads and sealed at 50% ABV.

Meikle Toir 5YO The Turbo 50%

Nose: Sweet honey, ashy salted veggie peat (a very long name). Then you do find some smokey BBQ, and if you wait a little more, someone will put some orange slices over the BBQ. And, I do find it has some new leathery expressions as well.

Mouth: Ahsy and burnt paper; this sort of expression is present in all of Meikle Toir's range. Leather, honey and hints of brown sugar notes join in later. Honey is also one of the common expressions in MT. Towards the end, there is a little oaky spice and sandy peat.

Finish: Salty.

Nice scale: 83/100

Like what they all said, we finish with a bang.

Turbo is a little dirty, but I like it, a dirty young man I am. Perhaps the PPM & cask do help in delivering the experience. I felt the characters, and I felt more weight here (but still light in my opinion). Generally, I would say MT delivers a good experience for a whisky at such a young age.

My recommendation would be:

Turbo (If you like a little more upfront & dirty style)> The Sherry One> The Chinquipan One> The Original.

Thank you for the samples and I have learnt how to spell Meikle Toir.

Meikle Toir 5YO The Turbo 50% (OB, GlenAllachie)
Image from my house

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