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Event: The GlenAllachie Tasting Food Pairings (GA 8YO/ 7YO/ 12YO/4YO-Future/10YO CSBATCH9)

Featuring a lineup of:

Together with the delicious meal prepared by Lim Hong Lih.

***I will just rate based on the liquid quality, which is 100% subjective****

First up, it was a GlenAllachie 8YO cocktail-'Enchanted GlenAllachie'. It is nice.

GlenAllachie 8YO 46%

1)GlenAllachie 8YO 46%

Cask used are Pedro Ximenez, Oloroso, Virgin Oak & Wine Barriques.

Nose: Sweet, wood, dusty. Simple on the nose. After a while, I do sense the sunflower seed's presence.

Mouth: Light, plain. The nose over promised compared to the mouth. Alcohol presence can be felt with light sweetness and creaminess too.

Finish: Short and bland.

Nothing much to offer.

Nice scale: 70/100

GlenAllachie 7YO  Hungarian 48%

2)GlenAllachie 7YO Hungarian Oak Finish 48%

Virgin Oak with an 18-month stay in Hungarian oak from the Zemplen forest that is located in the northeast part of Hungarian.

Nose: Berries, gummy bears, sugar. Light soft malt with some lime zest expressions.

Mouth: Creamy and soft. Nuts, vanilla with a light sweetness. But, the whole experience in the mouth comes and goes quite fast.

Finish: Light bitter & nutty.

Slight alcohol presence, but it's not disturbing or harsh. The nose is ok, better than the 8YO, but in the mouth, I felt there is something lacking. Maybe its because the expressions vapour too fast, I don't feel complete :<

Nice scale: 75/100

GlenAllachie 12YO Ruby Port Finish 48%

3)GlenAllachie 12YO Ruby Port Finish 48%

10 years in American Oak and finish in Ruby Port cask.

Nose: I felt the difference between a 12 YO and 7/8 YO whisky, the weight on the nose is already different. Brown sugar, nutty and dusty. Caramel with light damp woods. Berries with soft malts. And, if it's not weird, it's like walking into a toilet that someone just showered, ok that's weird.

Mouth: Creamy, holds a good weight. Light oak spice with little warmness and the presence of salted caramel.

Finish: Short still, bitter.

Not a complex one, like his seniors that I have swallowed alive previously. Sweet caramel, round and creamy.

Nice scale: 80/100

GlenAllachie 50th Anniversary Future Ed. 4YO 60.2%

4)GlenAllachie 50th Anniversary Future Ed. 4YO 60.2%

In the multiverse, there is a peated expression of GlenAllachie, 100% peated malted barley. Use of Bourbon( Rye and Bourbon)new oak cask. And 60.2%, turns me on.

Nose: Salted vegetables, seawater, ashy peat and smoke. Light honey, maybe.

Mouth: Round, ashy peat. Salty and honey sweetness. Solid in the mouth, this 4YO is well-balanced for his age. It reminds me of Wolfburn summer 2020, but in all areas enhanced.

Finish: Salty and creamy.

Not bad at all! Especially at such a young age; that 8 YO can't even walk properly, but this guy is already running. Balanced experience, not harsh, doesn't get overly salty, smooth and holds some weight. 4 YO and impressive! Sometimes age truly doesn't matter.

Nice scale: 87/100.

GlenAllachie 10YO Cask Strength Batch 9 58.1%

5)GlenAllachie 10YO Cask Strength Batch 9 58.1%

Pedro Ximenez, Oloroso, Virgin Oak and Rioja Cask

Nose: Brown sugar and berries, gummy bear, this expression I found quite often in GlenAllachie's range. Sweet, dusty, nutty and dried fruits. Woods? Yes. Presence of alcohol? Yes-but not harsh. Wet Chinese medicine,and I did find some candid fruits expressions.

Mouth: Sweet, salted caramel, nuts and zesty. Sweet and easy to drink.

Finish: Creamy and light bitter notes.

The latest few GA Cask strength batch is similar, I find this batch 9 is the best among them.

Nice scale: 84/100.

Also, 5 on 25's food is really good.

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