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About WhiskyDocs


About WhiskyDocs

This site was inspired by WhiskyNotes & Whiskyfun. When I first saw WhiskyNotes, I thought- How awesome! Why not start one in Singapore as well- especially for those special SG releases?

So WhiskyDocs is to share my reviews on whisky with fellow whisky drinkers. 
Non-commercial reviews, only sharing my genuine opinions on each whisky bottle.

SO PLEASE DON'T GET OFFENDED- just forgive my bad taste.

And, to be honest, I do run a liquor business- A significant conflict of interest!
But that's my rice bowl XD
I will still give my genuine reviews whether I carry them or not.
Also, I say this so maybe you can hit me up if you need any whisky.

Also also, I might insert other people's link if they do have one :>

At first, I intended to use Google Docs to write my reviews, so it's called WhiskyDocs.

So, Why Does WhiskyDocs Exist (WDWDE) ?

As a whisky drinker, I have too many times that I went up to search for a whisky review, but I found none. 
And, there should be plenty of people out there who are just like me. 
(Especially those special release bottles for Singapore only :< )

So, I have started this site and only shared what I have tasted, so the note is 100% subjective.

And, to date, the site name will be like this XD

What is your current taste profile

Nowadays, I have moved much into Independent Bottlings; these guys still can at least match my imagination of What is Whisky.

To be frank- I have not and probably not going to drink every Offical bottling release; I'm on a journey to explore more and new flavours! Let's go, Pikachu. 

And IBs, my favourite, will be Thompson Bros release. 

So, Whats your liquor site

You really know what to ask :)

It is

Location: 246 Macpherson Road, Be Time Building, #03-02

Contact me... if you want talk about whiskies

Even better if you want buy XD

My email is:

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