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Meikle Toir 5 YO The Chinquapin One 48% (OB, GlenAllachie)

Meik Toir 5 YO The Chinquapin One 48% (OB, GlenAllachie)
Image from Whiskybase

TLDR; Sweet peat, simple and easy.

Nice scale: 82/100

What do you call a peated GlenAllchie? It's not GlenAllachie 50th Anniversary 4-Year-Old-Future Edition, the name is too long. So here we have Meikle Toir, which means big pursuit. The pursuit starts in 2018, with the goal to ;

'To carefully craft and cask-perfect a peerless peated single malt at our Speyside home, The GlenAllachie Distillery'

And this, The Chinquapin One; with barley at 35PPM and a 160-hour long fermentation, creates a sweet peaty expression. Aged in American oak ex-Bourbon barrels, followed by Chinquapin virgin oak barrels. Bottling at 48% at 5 years.

Meikle Toir 5 YO The Chinquapin One 48%

Nose: There come the sweet and burnt paper ashes, and there is salted caramel creme in it with some sea salt expressions coming out. Brown sugar if you insist on digging a little deeper and the cost for finding more expressions is a slightly harsh-y alcohol presence. The nose-feel, if there are ever such terms, is like kinetic sands with watery and light smokiness into it.

Mouth: Smooth/bland when entering the nose, it was more round than complex, and it is actually not as complex as the official tasting notes describe. The sand-y peaty expressions start to spread, along with the sweetness in it. There are lime skin and light oaky expressions after the peaty wave.

Finish: Salty and light smokey notes.

Rather a simple and easy dram to enjoy. Taste good for a 5YO; pleasant, not harsh and don't feel like they have rushed through the maturation period. A 5YO to be safely enjoyed. But if you are looking at something complex that makes you wonder why we exist in the universe, you might have to look at other bottlings.

The first peated GlenAllachie I have tasted is actually the GlenAllachie 50th Anniversary 4-Year-Old-Future Edition ; that was a big hit for me. Comparing this to that; this 5YO is lacking in well-balance-ness and falls behind in terms of the body- felt more watery and lesser expressed.

So, again age is just a number.

Nice scale: 82/100

Meik Toir 5 YO The Chinquapin One 48% (OB, GlenAllachie)
Image from my house

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