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Auchentoshan 2007/2003 15YO 54.7% (IB, LOTG)

Auchentoshan 2007/2003 15YO


Sour plum juice, prune, sweet & sour dry figs

Nice scale: 84/100

Distilled in Auchentoshan Distillery in 2007, aged for 14 years in a Refill Hogshead before transferring for a finish in First Fill Tawny Port Cask for a year. Bottling at a cask strength of 54.7% from a single cask, so the total outturn is 274 bottles.

Auchentoshan 2007/2003 15YO 54.7%

Nose: plum- more of KangShiFu Sour Plum Juice; it is sweet and feels like some spray perfume.I got the nuts notes as well, saliva-ish notes on the nose, It's light on the nose.

Mouth: Cream, chocolate, sour plums, prune juice and some oak spice. Light in the mouth, with some subtle sweetness in it as well.

Finish: Dry sweet & sour figs, a little salty but not the actual saltiness. A little of dry wood.

You still feel the lightness of Auchentoshan and the sweetness of it, but what stands out or saves the liquid is the Sour plum, sweet and sour dry figs and prune juice notes. These notes will be stuck in your head once you surrounder to the thirstiness and take a sip.

Nice scale: 84/100

Auchentoshan 2007/2003 15YO


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