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Archives #5; Wire Works, and more Wire Works! (Full Port, Necessary Evil, Over Smoke, Alter Ego, OB)

Wire Works, and more Wire Works! (Full Port, Necessary Evil, Over Smoke, Alter Ego, OB)
Wire Works, and more Wire Works! (Full Port, Necessary Evil, Over Smoke, Alter Ego, OB)

1)Wire Work Full Port 52.4%

Vatting of port casks-fully matured, outturn of 1995 bottles at an ABV of 52.4%.

Nose: Sour, grapes, there are dried grape expressions, but unfortunately, I am neither a grape connoisseur (If there Are such occupations) nor I am a whisky connoisseur, just putting down the notes so flavours can be visualised.But I do think It Is dried sultana grape.. haha. Oh, you got some of the hot spring sulphur notes. Honey mixing with purple grapes.

Mouth: Round and sweet, this boy isn't holding back. But delivered with a light body-not overly light. It is not complex in the mouth, it easy & pleasant.

Finish: Hints of oak spice, port residue expression remains on the tongue.

It's a Non-Age Statement (NAS), but we should all have learnt not to judge a book by its cover in our younger days. This is youth & bright but nowhere near mean & harsh. Sweet & pleasant. Good exploration towards the port cask, and the finish, I'm referring to the residue left on the tongue, it truly reminds me of port wines.

Nice Scale; 82/100

2)Wire Work Necessary Evil Finish 2023 51.3%

Vatting of both 1st Fill Bourbon & PX Necessary Evil Finish

"The 2023 limited edition of Wire Works Necessary Finish has an added dimension over last year. The casks, previously used to age Thornbridge’s award winning Necessary Evil Imperial stout, were originally used to mature Pedro Ximénez sherry (‘PX’). These previous uses impart additional magic on our single malt whisky, and the PX character adds additional layers of complexity."

This might seem confusing, but to make it simple, Thornbridge uses PX sherry cask to age their Imperial Stout, and after a week, the barrel has been emptied; White Peak use these casks for a finish. The Bourbons casks are from Heaven Hills. 2143 bottling released.

Nose: Dried orange that use for cocktails, woods, hints of honey underneath; there are similar characteristics and vibes as Mannochmore 2010/2022 12YO Black Isle Imperial Stout Finish.

Mouth: Nuts, honey, sweet and creamy gel-like feelings coating the tongue. There are spices and powerful in the mouth- in terms of the flavours.

Finish: Nuts and the white foams you see in Guinness.

Impressive, the flavours were delivered and you would forget that this is another NAS bottling.

Nice Scale; 84/100

3)Wire Work Over Smoke#2 53.1%

Vatting of 3 STR ROS(Re-charred over smoke) casks,

"The coopers at Dias achieve this at the moment they suffocate the flames when charring by not allowing the smoke to escape from the cask, forcing it to be absorbed into the wood."

3 casks, 987 bottles.

Nose: Orange-blurp, smoke is more obvious than the rest (no shit Sherlock), to be honest, the years and drams that I have put my nose & tongue under, subtle smoke= no smoke, medium smoke=subtle smoke. There are notes of a... woods/oak covered in vanilla. Sweet & honey notes as well.

Mouth: Orange Bitter, sweet, honey and oily. Nuts, cream and hints of leather notes. The body carries weight.

Finish: Oily & smoky.

I quite like this & the previous; both allow the character to shine, but at the same time, you feel the distillate character Is there. Assure you no youth, full of pleasant flavours.

Nice Scale; 84/100

4)Wire Work Alter Ego 51.5%

Vatting of 1st Fill Bourbon Barrel & STR Wine Barriques, outturn of 5393 bottles.

Nose: Vanilla, white sugar, leather, fruity & lemon. Malts too.

Mouth: Cream gels, bitter orange, vanilla, light ashy peat (again, my light might be obvious for you), hints of spice and pleasant experience.

Finish: Spice, cream and orange.

This is similar to Caduro, the difference is the proportion of bourbon cask & cutting point. Same same but different, enjoyable, pleasant and easy.

Nice Scale: 83/100

There is still a new batch of Virgin Oak, I would like to keep it for the next reviews, comparing side by side with the previous batch.

Anyways, I would have forgotten I'm drinking NAS whiskies.


This would be my preference.

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