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Archives #4; Inchmurrin 2001/2017 15YO #4157 53.1% & Wolfburn Dragon Year 2024 46% (OB)

Some Samples;

1) Inchmurrin 2001/2017 15YO #4157 53.1% (TWE)

2) Wolfburn Dragon Year 2024 46%

Inchmurrin 2001/2017 15YO #4157 53.1%

The peated cousin of Loch Lomond, distilled at Loch Lomond distillery in 2001 and aged in a single cask for at least 15 years before bottling at a natural cask strength of 53.1%. This was a cask selected by The Whisky Exchange.

1)Inchmurrin 2001/2017 15YO #4157 53.1%

Nose: Pear and fresh apple. White sugar and sweet barley. Light old leathery notes sits at the back. There are citrus, nuts and dusty feels to the nose. A little Sharp/poky on the nose too.

Mouth: Sweet and pleasant, vanilla-sweet bourbon vibes. It is calm in the mouth. There are bitter and spice. Oiliness texture and soda water feels. Felt I just ate a peach and kiwi.

Finish: Little sourness, not disturbing.

Not bad, and pleasant (I enjoyed it when I drank it), but hard to grab any memorable characters from here- might be the reason that it is too pure or 'clean' for the experience..

Nice scale: 84/100

Inchmurrin 2001/2017 15YO #4157 53.1%

2)Wolfburn Dragon Year 2024 46%

The 'northernest' distillery in inland Scotland, I'm sure more people talked about their geographical location than their whiskies! HA!. This is a special release for their year of the dragon, likely for the Asian market.

Nose: Peach, floral and saliva-ish (tho not obvious saliva). There are jackfruit and rose shampoo notes that I have picked up. Sweet on the nose.

Mouth: Rather bland. Round, Sweet and light floral notes. The 'northest' ashiness and nutty notes as well.

Finish: Nutz (No pun intended).

It reminds me of Loch Lomond and little Banff notes for some reason lol.

Nice scale: 80/100

Inchmurrin 2001/2017 15YO #4157 53.1%


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