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Longmorn 2011/2023 12YO 58% (IB, LOTG)


Chocolate, leathery & oak spice

Nice scale: 84/100

Distillate in 2011 at Longmorn Distillery, aged in a refill butt but was taken for a finish in 1st fill ex-PX Hogshead for 6 months before bottling at 12 years with a cask strength of 58%.

Longmorn 2011/2023 12YO 58%

Nose: Candied fruits, nuts, dark chocolate, and some sulfur is still present. Sugar, tobacco and leathery expressions are available, too. I catch bits of the Macallan sherry cask here and there. Creamy on the nose.

Mouth: Sweetness of stone fruits, cream, oak spice. Heating up of a brown sugar. Chocolate and figs. Leathery expression and some nuttiness in it. The creams last till the end with a light bitterness to it.

Finish: A very addictive sourness is generating saliva in my mouth. Some woods too.

I thought this is a good one; the presentations in the mouth come quick and start to invade the mouth with more flavours. What I thought would be good was to give this boy some more air time and wait to see what the sulfury note would convert to.

I enjoy the tobacco on the nose-tho I'm a non-smoker, I guess that's what you called cheap thrills.

Nice scale: 84/100

Longmorn 2011/2023 12YO 58% (IB, LOTG)
Longmorn 2011/2023 12YO 58% (IB, LOTG)

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