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Ledaig 2007 13 YO 48% (IB, LMDW)

Ledaig 2007 13 YO 48% (IB, LMDW)


Smooth, salty, dry grass & well-balanced

Nice scale: 84/100

Distillate at Tobermory Distillery in 2007, the peated expression of it was called Ledaig. Use of 2 sherry refill butt casks that aged for a minimum of 13 years. Bottled at 48% ABV. Part of the Artist Collective 4.0.

Ledaig 2007 13 YO 48%

Nose: Salt, smoke, dry grass and iodine. Rather thin on the nose. Bit of an ashy feeling as well.

Mouth: Round and smooth. Light sweetness to the liquid and saltiness kicks in. Oily in the mouth, a super light peppery expression that you can easily ignore. Rather reminds me of a salted vegetable in the mouth. Honey and watery ashy peaty

Finish: Salty and oily.

Besides the yellowish sherry colour. It is easy to drink, the classic Ledaig feeling can be felt, sweet and soft in the mouth, well balanced, but you know you can expect more from it, not saying it's not good, it is good in fact. But lacking some room to explore. Comfortable and easily forgotten. For e.g. Ledaig 12 YO Rebels The Guerilla Casks 51.5% Cask #700102 gives me a stronger impression to date.

Nice scale: 84/100

-Reasonable price, well-balanced dram, not hard and pushy, easy to drink.

-Same point as The Guerilla Cask 51.5% because that cost me more.

Ledaig 2007 13 YO 48% (IB, LMDW)

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