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Drams with Ken & Friends, 22nd July (Macallan Sir Peter Blae/ Reflex/Linkwood/Springbank/Cu Bocan)

Kris the Cinderella made another trip to Ken's castle; over there, there are plenty of good drinks and welcoming friends. Just that I finally had some time to finish up this reveiw.

Alright, so that's how I end up there.

Macallan Sir Peter Blake; A Community and A Distillery 47.7%
Macallan Sir Peter Blake; A Community and A Distillery 47.7%

1)Macallan Sir Peter Blake; A Community and A Distillery 47.7%

Another Macallan was aged in a seasoned sherry cask, not sure if that's how they want to represent themselves in the current age.

Nose: Soft malts, damp woods and brown sugar. You do feel some wet cardboard here and there with some nutmegs.

Mouth: Plastics, thin in the mouth actually, nutmegs and vanilla. Easy in the mouth but it is elegant or flat, whichever you want to call it.

Finish: Some oiliness remains, with a nutty, light oaky spice.

Nice scale:78/100

Macallan Reflex 43%
Macallan Reflex 43%

2)Macallan Reflex 43%

First-filled seasoned sherry cask, but smaller hogshead casks.

Nose: Brown sugar, nuts, damp wood and plastics

Mouth: Light, plain and thin. Plastics and nutmegs. Flat like the previous.

Finish: Close to none.

Nice scale:75/100

3)Cu Bocan 15YO Oloroso sherry cask 50%

The peated expression of Tomatin, well, I hope everyone still can remember what a Tomatin is. Aged for at least 15 Years in Oloroso sherry casks.

Nose: Sherried, caramel, brown sugar. The plastic notes kick in but soon covers by a smokey and light spice expression.

Mouth: Brighter than his previous two pioneers. Light plastic notes can still be felt. Sherried notes with nuttiness and fruity sweetness.

Finish: Oily, oaky, light plastic notes with a wisp of smoke.

That 'plastic' notes show the sherried influence last throughout the whole experience.

Nice scale: 84/100

Interesting, some level of complexity, just not sure where the peat has gone to.

Na Braithrean Linkwood 13YO 'Wee Brother' 52%
Na Braithrean Linkwood 13YO 'Wee Brother' 52%

4) Na Braithrean Linkwood 13YO 'Wee Brother' 52%

Single Hogshead to a first fill rum quarter cask finish (8 months).

Nose: Candy sweetness, light smokiness and some jackfruit expressions.

Mouth: Creamy, oaky spice, sweet and hints of smokiness

Finish: Creamy.

Nice scale: 82/100

Sweet and simple.

5) Na Braithrean Linkwood 13YO 'Ex-Islay' Cask 52%

Single Hogshead to an ex-Islay cask finish (8 months).

Nose: Candy sweetness, a stronger presence of smokiness and reminds me of iodine.

Mouth: There is nuts, honey and towards the sweeter side. To my amusement, there is actually some expression of 'soil' peats. Smokey and smooth as well.

Well, to what I believe and studied, ex-islay cask can only add smokiness to the liquid and the peat flavour is ONLY obtained during the kilning stage.

So maybe there is some islay soil got into the cask?

Finish: Oak spice, creamy and lightly bitter notes.

Nice scale: 82.5/100

New shower thoughts on how the peat comes about.

 Michel Couvreur Candid 49%
Michel Couvreur Candid 49%

6) Michel Couvreur Candid 49%

A French whisky, distillates in Scotland, matured in a sherry cask and produced in France.

Nose: Brown sugar and smokey

Mouth: Sweet fruity, peat and vanilla. Sherried can be felt, not overly influencing the other flavours. Good balance.

Finish: Sweet, fruity and leather.

Nice scale: 84/100

Something new, it holds a good balance. It is not overly simplified as well. Interesting and decent experience. Just the handwriting on the label gave me a bit of a headache.

A Speyside 2010 11YO Thompson Bros 50%
A Speyside 2010 11YO Thompson Bros 50%

7) A Speyside 2010 11YO Thompson Bros 50%

Hogshead to a 31-month stay in a sherry cask. Bennrines. Ops, spoiler alert.

Nose: Fruity and nutty on the nose. Sweet, does hold a bit of weight on the nose. Still towards the 'brighter fruit' for me. Malty expressions can also be felt.

Mouth: Not as good as what nose has promised, very standard sweet and fruity whisky (when first opened), creamy and nuttiness are there. Oak spice can be felt after a short while. The mouth also feels thin for me.

Finish: Nutty.

Nice scale: 81/100

Easy to drink, yes, but it doesn't offer the depth.

7) Springbank 2001 11YO Rundlets & Kilderkins 49.4%
7) Springbank 2001 11YO Rundlets & Kilderkins 49.4%

7) Springbank 2001 11YO Rundlets & Kilderkins 49.4%

Nose: That dirty Campbeltown nose, smoky with brown sugar

Mouth: Classic Springbank to me, orange peels, sweet and some light peats. Oaky and creamy as well.

Finish: Light bitter.

Nice scale: 84/100

Feels like a normal Springbank to me.

Other drams:

Well, I got tired as it was pretty deep into the night. So I just enjoyed them without further taking down the notes. Slainte!

IB LEAP FROG is getting similar

Younger whiskies are really more expressive!

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