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Tormore 1988 33 YO 56.2% (IB, The Whisky Baron)

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Distilled at Tormore Distillery on 25th of May in 1988 and bottled on the 12nd of May in 2022. After 33 years, it has been bottled by The Whisky Baron and distributed by 3MK, so therefore, I shall stay away from giving bias points and just sharing the expression of this beautiful, gentle giant. Aged in a single refill sherry butt (Cask No #5737), to what Jake (the founder of TWB) believe, is a second fill. Bottling at a cask strength of 56.2% and yielding 487 bottles.

Tormore 1988 33 YO 56.2%

Nose: First open It has the dusty raw sunflower seed expressions, slowly the honey notes came out with the light spice, sweet, and the brown sugar expression is showing. The nose gets interesting as you let it sit down for a while. Bit of the milky chocolate expressions here and there.

Mouth: A light start, and slowly the flavour unrolls, the sunflower seeds are back with some nuttiness in the mouth. Oak spice kicks in together with some fresh sweetness. Orange peels, brow sugar, creamy and chocolat-y as well. It has a camp of spices dancing in the mouth. This piece does show its character.

Finish: Creamy, sweet, slightly salty. And, after a while, the sweetness still remains in the mouth.

Fresh, strong and firm character, sherry sweetness still remains in the mouth after other flavour disappears.

Feel the spices dancing in your mouth, with the presence of creamy and brown sugar expressions. Solid and I wouldn't get bored.


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