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Teaninich 2009 13YO 46% (IB, Signatory Vintage)

Teaninich 2009 13YO 46% (IB, Signatory Vintage)
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Sweet, jasmine green tea and malts.

Nice scale: 82/100

It's been a while since I wrote another not-so-sophisticated review; I was too occupied with work and busy clearing the opened bottles (tho with little results).

Distilled at Teaninich on 29th September 2009, finished in first-fill Bolgheri red wine hogsheads before being bottled as part of The Un-Chillfiltered Collection at 46% ABV. Cask usage is 8, 17,18 & 19.

What is Bolgheri wines;

'Bolgheri is a relatively young yet prestigious Italian appellation located in the Maremma on the Tuscan coast just to the south of Livorno and named after a town in the north of the region. It is known mainly for deeply coloured, supple yet age-worthy red wines, usually based on the Bordeaux grape varieties.'


I will go into the tasting part before my subconscious mind tells me the wine flavours are present.

Teaninich 2009 13YO 46%

Nose: Biscuits, with floral expressions- reminds me of green tea and jasmine. There are hay and cherries (More like Maraschino cherries) as well.

Mouth: Malty, creamy with oily sweetness. I would say the mouthfeel is round. The maraschino cherries are present. There are oak spice and green tea expressions as well.

Finish: It reminds me of green tea, but other than time, I can't find any finish in it.

Simple, sweet and easy. 99% of the flavours come in bulk and leave little or no expressions to the finish. If you are looking for something that offers you the depth and complexity, this is not for you.

Nice scale: 82/100

-Decent price and easy to drink.

Teaninich 2009 13YO 46% (IB, Signatory Vintage)
Teaninich 2009 13YO 46% (IB, Signatory Vintage)

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