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TB/BSW Over 6 Years 46% (IB, PST-Thompson Bros)

Updated: May 14, 2023

TB/BSW Over 6 Years 46%


Sherry focused, tobacco and chocolate.

Nice scale: 84/100

Time for another blended appreciation, composed of malt and grain aged over 6 Years that are matured in a mix of refill and first-fill sherry hogsheads. A sherry-focused blend is bottled at 46%.

(According to 'others' this blend has an eight-month finish in oloroso and PX casks)

TB/BSW Over 6 Years 46%

Nose: Fierce on the nose when first open, despite being only at 46% ABV. Nuts, woody, caramel and plums. There are light honey expressions, pears and oranges with some leather notes.

Mouth: The first impression was tobacco and then milky chocolate. This 6-year-old holds some weight in the mouth, is not a harsh kid, nor feels thin and young in the mouth. Has a few seconds of creaminess in the mouth, and spice starts to show.

Finish: Short to medium, in my opinion, dry.

Nice for an over 6 years blend. Many people claim this to be Macallan (teaspoon), but I felt it taste better than the 'new/modern' Macallan. Anyways, be it Macallan or not-they are just one brand in the sea of whisky-pedia; this 6-year is a good whisky to be enjoyed, especially at such a price, don't be fooled by the age.

Nice scale: 84/100

TB/BSW Over 6 Years 46%

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