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Springbank 10 PX 55% (OB)

Springbank 10 PX 55%


Brown sugar, sherried, milky chocolate and oak spice.

Nice scale: 86/100

Springbank, a distillery, needs no introduction. This 10 PX, spent his 7 years in refilled bourbon barrels and 3 years finished in fresh Pedro Ximenez hogsheads, from Spain.

Not sure if it's the Springbank's name that turns me on or the colour of this bottle. (For sure, it's not the price)

Distilled in July 2012 and bottled on a lucky day in October 2022. Nuts, I only got my hand on it in late May 2023. A LIMITED release of 10,800 bottles at a cask strength of 55% ABV.

Springbank 10 PX 55%

Nose: Brown sugar, wood, old furniture, orange peels, plums, leathery goods and some light dirt from Campbeltown.

Mouth: Sherried, woods, milky chocolate, brown sugar and oak spice. A hint of leather as well. Wonderful in the mouth, the interplay of the flavours is well put together.

Finish: Sweet, milky-ish with light bitterness and creaminess.

Springbank 10 PX really fits well for me, easy and pleasant in the mouth, the milky chocolate matches well with the brown sugar sweetness, and the finish is not short nor rushed. At 55%, it is on the spot. Just 2 questions in mind; why the colour is so dark, and how this 10-year is selling at 1k+ SGD?

Nice scale: 86/100

-Nice and pleasant sipper, I got mine at a relatively good price compared to what the secondary market is currently selling at. But I would still think it's a bit off the scale to pay over 2xx for a 10YO. However, the liquid is good till I have to control myself from pouring myself another dram.

Springbank 10 PX 55%

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