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Springbank 10 Batch 17.08.21 46% (OB)


Brown sugar, creamy, light peat and smoke.

Nice scale: 85/100

This Springbank is batch 17/8/21, just a regular Campbeltown malt that has seduced many whisky drinkers' hearts and palates. Bottled at 46%.

Springbank 10 Batch 17.08.21 46%

Nose: Brown sugar, the dirt of Springbank, oil and smoky.

Mouth: Sweet, vanilla and peppery. Honey citrus and left with some creaminess coated around the mouth. Super light, gentle peat and smokiness.

Finish: light smokiness and bitter notes.

It's from Springbank, It's nice. And overpriced.

Good sipper from the old days, a well-constructed bottle, beautiful, hardly go wrong with this and a smooth drink. This bottle just kept you hooked!

Nice scale: 85/100

-Good sipper and beautify. It's nice but overpriced thus the 85 points.

Springbank 10 Batch 17.08.21 46% (OB)

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