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SMWS Dark 'N' Stormy Creme Brulee (IB, SMWS)

SMWS Dark 'N' Stormy Creme Brulee
Image from Whisky Base

It is the time of the year that SMWS revisit Singapore; this time, they are with LMDW. And by signing up for exclusive priority, you do get a bottle of the moment. So that's how this bottle ended up on my shelves. (Being one out of the only 1,300 lucky guys to get my hands on it... really made me burst into tears). Compared to Strathisla and Glen Moray, I truly wanted this, really.

Anyway, I love all whisky equally, especially grains- I do enjoy high-aged grains a lot.

This was distilled at The Glasgow Distillery in the Lowland region. 60% corn, 20% malted rye, and 20% malted barley, which runs through a pot still compared to the common column stills/Coffey still.

  • Pot still operates by batches while columns still are continuous distillation.

  • Pot still produces a more flavourful spirit, richer in congeners while column still produces a cleaner distillate.

  • Pot still is able to produce a new make between 60 to 80% ABV while column still can reach 96%.

Ok, back to facts. It was well-aged for 6 years in a virgin American oak cask with a level 4 charring level after the distillation in 2016 and bottled at a 50% ABV. Many experiments in this bottle.

SMWS Dark 'N' Stormy Creme Brulee

Nose: The first impression is the Chinese medicines, they are brewing some sort of fruit juice in a TCM shop. There are prune and hay, a bit of the classic grain expressions kicks in. There is orange peels (but the presence of it is not as strong as the higher-aged grains). Alcohol presence was strong when I first opened and I'm fine with it, it doesn't harass my nose. Then let it sit for a while, and it shows some sugary notes as well.

Mouth: Like milky cream candy (Wether's Original) , quite a thick creamy for this 6-year-old, to some extent, I find it rather silky as well. Enjoyable in the mouth, there is just one downside in the mouth (if I'm asking too much), the orang-y expression and fruity expression felt suppressed in the mouth. There is also a super light spice note as well.

Finish: Creamy! Like finish eating a Wether's Original.

Overall, not a bad experience. Glade to see some young grains is at least trying to show some characters that the pot still does help in this one. Again, easy and milk cream candy.

Nice scale: 83/100

SMWS Dark 'N' Stormy Creme Brulee
Image from my house

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