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Royal Brackla 2011/2023 11YO 56.9% (IB, Lady of The Glen)


Candied cherry, Cream and sweet.

Distilled in Royal Brackla on 22nd Nov 2011, aged in a refill barrel with a finish in ex-Ruby Port Barrique and bottled at a cask strength of 56.9% on 19th April 2023. A total outturn of 221 bottles.

NO RATINGS, as this is one of the brands that I'm distributing, so just sharing.

Royal Brackla 2011/2023 11YO 56.9%

Nose: Brown sugar and candied cherry on the first sniff. Slightly sharp on the nose, need some time for it to go away. There is a quick malt-y notes flash pass. Fresh fruits and some nutty notes too.

Mouth: Mouthfeel is good & thick; thick cream and chocolate. Sweet, and oily in the mouth too. There is candied cherry and peppery notes as well. Honey notes do appear after a few sips. Clean in the mouth too.

Finish: Nuts and light oiliness remain and you thought that was the end, but the cherries are back.

Royal Brackla 2011/2023 11YO 56.9% (IB, LOTG)


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