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Parcel No. 7 -A Highland Distillery 2008 12 YO 48% (IB, EID-Elixir Distillers)


Soft sponge cake, creamy and simple

Nice Scale: 80/100

An undisclosed highland single malt release from Elixir Distillers, a combination of 3 ex-sherry butts. Each aged for more than 12 years. Bottled at 48% and coded Parcel NO. 7.

A Highland Distillery 2008 12 YO 48%

Nose: Sherried flavours, soft sponge bread -like the guzao (古早)sponge bread, malts. Then the light sugar water comes in. Generally, the nose is towards the lighter side.

Mouth: It starts with a soft approach, just like eating guzao sponge bread. Then creaminess spread itself in the mouth, and spice kicked in as well. Subtle sweetness.

Finish: Blunt finish, creamy and subtle bitter at the very very end.

A simple and easy drink- not complex, the liquid is telling you its story in a simple and straight manner. Also, I feel it is slightly watery, it might be me drinking too much cask-strength whisky recently.

Nice Scale: 80/100

You can try a dram HERE

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