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Orchard House 46% Batch L 20 07 21 (OB, Compass Box)

Orchard House 46% Batch L 20 07 21 (OB, Compass Box)


Fruity, sweet and smoky at the end

Nice Scale: 84/100

Orchard House is a blended malt whisky from Compass Box, bottled at 46% ABV.

According to the producer, the concept behind this is to create a fruity-driven whisky, gathering the fruitiest malt in Scotland and putting them into one bottle.

So, Orchard House is born.

39% from Linkwood-first fill bourbon barrels, 29% from Clyneslish-first fill bourbon barrels, 20% from Benrinnes-first fill bourbon barrels,

8% from a distillery near Aberlour-Revatted oloroso sherry-seasoned butt,

2% of highland malt blends-custom french oak barrel(Heavy Toast) and,

2% Caol Ila - first fill bourbon barrels

Not sure if the creation of this is harder or Buttercup.

Orchard House 46% Batch L 20 07 21

Nose: Sweet, sweet juicy mix of fruits, feels like scrolling through an orchard farm. More waves of vibrant fruitiness are coming towards you. The use of Linkwood, Clynelish and Benrinnes enhanced the presence of apple elements. Then you have a smoky touch at the end of each wave.

Mouth: Sweet. Apple, pear, and citrus slices dipped into honey. Oak spice mixed in with the fruity flavours waiting to be explored. Smokiness is soon to be felt, adding layers to it. Also, do not forget about the vanilla cream!

Finish: Sweet and smoky.

I think they are dead serious about creating a fruit-driven whisky. The usage of Caol Ila is on-point, adding layers to the blend, so it wouldn't be boring -just a fruity blend. This can be considered a dessert whisky.

Nice Scale: 84/100

You can still get a bottle at 3MK.SG or Try a dram before purchasing the bottle at HERE

Orchard House 46% Batch L 20 07 21 (OB, Compass Box)

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