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Longmorn 2008 Distillery Label 46% (IB, G&M)

Longmorn 2008 Distillery Label 46% (IB, G&M)


Soapy, vanilla, and good on the nose.

Nice scale: 78/100

Distilled at Longmorn in 2008 and bottled by Gordon & Macphail in 2022 at 46%ABV. Part of G&M's Distillery Label collection.

Longmorn 2008 Distillery Label 46%

Nose: Apple, citrus and spice.Light vanilla with damped woods and a hint of berry and malty notes. Very simple on the nose, toward the side of the fresh fruit.

Mouth: Vanilla soapy and oak spice. Some floral expressions can be picked up along the way but mainly is dominated by the 'soapiness' of it, and the rest got washed away pretty fast.

Finish: Oak spice and light zesty notes.

The nose is good, fresh and bright, cheerful and welcoming. When it comes to the mouth, it becomes soapy very quickly; you can get a quick glimpse of the vanilla and floral notes, but it get washed away quickly. There is more to offer in the mouth, I believe. If not, it is too thin in the mouth. I can almost spit bubbles out of my mouth.

Nice scale: 78/100

If I have nothing to aim for in life, I will go for this one. Fruity in the nose, makes me happy, and nothing but soapiness in the mouth is to be expected, use as a perfume then. Taken in the price and overall experience, I'm sure you do not want to have something so soapy at its price.

Longmorn 2008 Distillery Label 46% (IB, G&M)

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