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Loch Lomond (Inchfad) 2007 15 YO 52.8% (IB, MOM-Master of Malt)

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

Loch Lomond (Inchfad) 2007 15 YO 52.8% (IB,MOM-Master of Malts)
Loch Lomond (Inchfad) 2007 15 YO 52.8% (IB,MOM-Master of Malts)


Light and round, some herbs, sweet and watery end.

Nice Scale; 82/100

The 70th release from MOM, featuring Inchfad, from Loch Lomond distillery, aged for 15 years in a refill barrel. A single cask & cask strength release as well, outturn of 253 bottles at 52.8%.

Fun fact, Loch Lomond has three pairs of straight-neck pot still (Loch Lomond stills), two traditional swan-neck stills, one continuous 'malt' still and two pairs of continuous grain still. Such various allow Loch Lomond to produce spirits with various expressions-like Inchfad.

Loch Lomond (Inchfad) 2007 15 YO 52.8%

Nose: The nose actually gives me a suppressed feeling at first; light and 'watery'- this watery, I have no idea how to put it in a nice way- but more or less like your saliva.

Oak can be detected as well, and smoke starts to show once u sniff in a bit more.

Mouth: Light and round, it has a cooling feeling when it first enters. Herbs, then you will feel like there is a layer of water coating around the flavours, like eating jelly. Subtle peat starts to show, but despite being stated as heavily peated, it is not. At least to me. Doesn't taste like 52.8%, a delicate piece.

Finish: Actually pretty sweet, like sugared water with peppery and saltiness at the very last.

This bottle is well constructed of 'light' flavours. It brings you to its own harmony.

Nice Scale; 82/100

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Some of the stills in Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond (Inchfad) 2007 15 YO 52.8% (IB,MOM-Master of Malts)
Loch Lomond (Inchfad) 2007 15 YO 52.8% (IB,MOM-Master of Malts)


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