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Linkwood 2013/2023 10YO 51.1% (IB, Dalgety)

Alright, first, let me apologize for the delay in updating the blog! Too many things on my plate previously (and still do), and I am trying my best to clear my debts! So sorry not sorry.

And Gong Xi Fa Cai to you!

Back to whisky, I will give ratings to those bottles that are under my distribution, just to get a better idea of where those stand.


Orange, shoe polish waxiness and balance sherry influence.

Nice scale: 84/100

Distillate at Linkwood Distillery, in 2013 and this is a vatting of one first-fill ex-Oloroso cask with one second-fill ex-oloroso cask. Both are aged for at least 10 years before marrying and bottling at a cask strength of 51.1%.

Linkwood 2013/2023 10YO 51.1%

Nose: Towards the floral side-but its more of the green leaves and stem. Sweet fruits, orange and honey. There are dried fruits,raisin and dates in it too. Light leathery notes and a good presence of sherry influence- not too dominating the flavour profile. Some sunflower seeds too.

Mouth: Cream and creme, raw sunflower seeds. Good thickness in the mouth (not too thin for the 10-year-old), the waxiness of shoe polish. Orange and sweet, light oaky spice, and there are chocolate notes too. Oh.. the green leaves.

Finish: Spice and some bitter notes with waxiness fading.

Well, at times I do forget this is a 10 years old, it tastes more mature than the age. The flavours that it offers are not harsh or feel 'young'. Balanced, good depth and good flavour combinations. This does taste different from the other Linkwoods I have tried- they tend to get too deep into candy and peach sweetness.

Nice scale: 84/100

Linkwood 2013/2023 10YO 51.1% (IB, Dalgety)
Linkwood 2013/2023 10YO 51.1% (IB, Dalgety)


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