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Lindores MCDXCIV 46% (OB)


Creamy, sweet honey, peppery and bitter.

Nice scale: 82/100

Lindores Abbey is located in the Lowland region of scotch. It is where the first written of scotch whisky is to be found. So, you can understand the first whisky distilled from where has to be traced back to 1494. But, it was only in 2017 they started to power the still again. And with their first single malt release in 2021.

I have to say, for the purpose of education.

The first written record of whisky was found in the Irish Annals of Clonmacnoise, which writes, 'taking a surfeit (excessive) of aqua vitae ', and the context is the clan leader died after drinking too much aqua vitae. So savour responsibly.

For Lindores MCDXCIV, there are actually two releases; the first release and the official release. Both versions are age with bourbon, sherry and wine barrique. Bottled at 46%, and the only difference is the first release includes a 'Commemorative First Release' wording on the side. With a 'limited' release of 12750 bottles. I already downed 1 or 2 of these, contributing to 0.01% of the total bottlings.

Lindores MCDXCIV 46% (OB)

Nose: The nose is pleasant, not too harsh, with green apples and vanilla. Sweet honey mixing with water and hints of sulphur notes.

Mouth: Creamy, sweet, apple, honey and vanilla with some peppery elements. Don't taste very confusing in the mouth.

Finish: Kinda bitter, short finishing.


A straightforward, non-complex experience from nose to finish and nothing too fancy as well. But, something different from Auchentosan aight.

Nice scale: 82/100

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