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Invergordon 1987 34 YO 54.3% (IB, PST-Thompson Bros)


Orange peels and pulp, rum-y and standard high-age grain-sky.

Nice scale: 83/100

A release from PST in June 2022, a grain whisky distilled at Invergordon on the 16th of December 1987 (on that day, Roh Tae Woo was elected president of South Korea). And bottled on May 2022 (Do you need me to share with you other useful information that happened in May 2022?).

Aged in a single refill barrel and bottled at 54.3% ABV, an outturn of 230 bottles.

Ok fine. In May 2022,

High-age grains always have a special place in my heart. Thos they tend to taste similar in some ways, but they provide a very good alternative to the malts.

Invergordon 1987 34 YO 54.3%

Nose: Orange peels with pulp and rum-y characters; these two are the characters you hardly escape in the high-age grains. Not as complicated as the official tasting note describe, or probably, I have a very normal nose.

Mouth: fresh orange peels, and you can bite into the pulp. Sweet, oaky and rum-y. After a few moments, It reminds me of pineapple and banana flavours.

Finish: More to the dry side for this, with peppery numbness.

Not a complicated grain-sky from Invergordon. Nor is it that simple. But more or less, this is what you can expect from a grain of whisky.

Nice scale: 83/100


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