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Glenlossie 10YO 50% (IB-North Star Spirits)

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Glenlossie 10YO 50% (IB-North Star Spirits)


Sunflower seeds, hay, dusty and oak spice

Nice scale: 83/100

Distilled in Glenlossie distillery and matured in Oloroso barrel for 10 years, bottled at 50% ABV by North Star Spirits under the brand of Periodical, Yielding 73 bottles.

( Why only 73 bottles for an Oloroso barrel? The answer by NSS-Sometimes we buy casks yielding a very low amount of liquid, or customers want a private bottling without taking the whole cask.)

Glenlossie 10YO 50%

Nose: First, it was dry grass, then the malts & sunflower seeds, much cereals on the first impression, bit dusty. Sweet, candied fruits and flowery expressions can be picked up subtly.

Mouth: Abit round, light sweetness, sunflower seeds and hay, still have the dusty feelings and oak spice. Light peach notes.

Finish: Sunflower seeds, hay and light oiliness remain.

Easy sipper, reminds me much of the Pride of the Sponge No.59B.... HMMMMM. Anyway, the main flavour revolves around the sunflower seeds and the hay. Dusty in both the nose and mouth, the nose does give you more imagination than the mouth, anyways it's 10 years-old, and tastes good considering its age (and price).

Nice scale: 83/100

-Taste is interesting, price is decent. A side note, North Stars International shipping fee is cheap.

Glenlossie 10YO 50% (IB-North Star Spirits)


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