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Glenglassaugh Sandend 50.5% (OB)

Glenglassaugh Sandend 50.5% (OB)
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Sweet, spice and strong presence of alcohol.

Nice scale: 82/100

The first one I have tried after the significant rebranding of Glenglassaugh under Rachel Barrie's belt. Sandend, an age statement, aged in Bourbon, Sherry & Manzanilla casks and bottled at 50.5% in ABV.

I'm looking forward how the lighter, salty and dry style of Manzanilla cask is coming in play in this trio.

Glenglassaugh Sandend 50.5% (OB)

Nose: First impression is sugar & sharp; it is not afraid to showcase its youthness. Then you have orange and apple, it felt soft and sandy on the nose despite the presence of alcohol. Vanilla with a vibe of humid tropical air.

Mouth: Creamy, malts and sweet. Sugar and spice-strong spice. Honey, bright fruit's sweetness and light saltiness is present. I wouldn't call the liquid light-bodied, it does prove to have some weight to it and is outspoken in the mouth. And, there is apricot as well.

Finish: Creamy and sharp, with some bitter notes and dry.

It is petty that I didn't drink the old bottling of Glenglassugh; but just with this new bottling, I do feel a new expression of Speyside whiskies. You can feel Manzanilla's role in the play, just the downside is the strong presence of alcohol.

Nice scale: 82/100

Conclusion; sweet, young and quite aggressive. But it is drinkable; I can still remember the sweetness of it.

Glenglassaugh Sandend 50.5% (OB)
Image from my house

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