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GlenAllachie 2014 7YO 52.8% (IB, Jack Wiebers)

GlenAllachie 2014 7YO 52.8% (IB, Jack Wiebers)
Image from Whisky Base


Sweet, milky chocolate and dry creamy oak.

Nice scale: 83/100

It was bottled by a German independent bottler, Jack Wiebers Whisky World. DIistillated at GlenAllachie in 2014 and aged in a single Maderia Barrique for 7 years and bottled at a cask strength of 52.8% with an outturn of 187 bottles.

GlenAllachie 2014 7YO 52.8%

Nose: When first opened, the flavours were very, very and very pressed down by the wood. There are only 3 elements: wood, sulfur and bright fruit expressions. Tight on the nose, but once the liquid gets a chance to breathe, you have prune, sweet caramel, brown sugar and wet wood as the first package to be delivered. Light sulfur will still mingle for a while but disappear with a good amount of air time. Vanilla and malt expressions are present as well.

Mouth: (After some air time) A soft, sweet milk chocolate expression mixed with berries and some light bitter notes. Wet oaks with some nuts and a good touch of cream in the mouth. And yes, Oak spice is present. The body still felt its towards the lighter side.

Finish: Towards the dry side, dry creamy oak with some spice. Light milky chocolate is back on the finish after a while.

With one more year of ageing, you are more than likely to drink the woods.

Anyways, it is a very drinkable 7YO. Just a little pricy for 7YO.

Nice scale: 83/100

GlenAllachie 2014 7YO 52.8% (IB, Jack Wiebers)
Image from my house


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