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Glen Scotia Victoriana L4 139 22 (OB, 54.2%)

Glen Scotia Victoriana L4 139 22


Dirty Campbeltown, brown sugar and light smoke dry soil peat.

Nice scale: 88/100

That guy from Campbeltown, lesser talked about but easier to be accessed. Glen Scotia Victoriana was quite a value purchase at the duty-free shop. A number any Asian can't resist. Batch L4 139 22, finished in 'the finest' deep charred oak cask and bottling at a cask strength of 54.2%.

Glen Scotia Victoriana

Nose: That dirty addictive, smelly Campbeltown nose, crude oil, brown sugar, jack fruits, sweet, sunflower seed and a wisp of smoke. Bit waxy and dusty as well. Some of the ground coffee beans. A good start on the nose.

Mouth: Sweet and oak spice. Honey with light creaminess, caramel and hints of brown sugar in it. Light smoke, jackfruit and a bit of the orangy feel.

Finish: Salty, dry, soil and the finishing of an espresso.

Overall, a nice sipper. Not too complicated and won't overwork your brain, and the taste is not one-dimensional. But when it's in the mouth, you feel the flavours can be constructed better; it is a little bit of a mess, just a little bit, in the mouth. Slightly weak towards the ending. Nevertheless, it is elegant indeed.

Nice scale: 88/100

Price-wise, no complaints; super deal, hands down. You are unlikely to enjoy a whisky with this standard at such a price. Overall experience is nice, especially since I like my whisky to have brown sugar/milky chocolate in it. The only take-for-granted/self-entitled thing I would say, is this beauty here, with all respect, is lacking some punch in the mouth.

Glen Scotia Victoriana L4 139 22

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