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Glen Moray 2007/1991 13YO-50%, 53.4%, 15YO-50.7%, 29YO-47.5% (IB, PST-Thompson Bros)

Updated: May 15, 2023

Glen Moray 2007/1991 PST

I see how the night is going... It is Glen Moray's night!

I have gathered some of the promising Glen Moray bottles done by PST. So, this review includes:

Glen Moray 2007 13 YO 50% -2*Refill Hogshead

Nose: Jack fruit, hay, a bit damp but minty feeling on the nose. And honey as well.

Mouth: Sweet honey and creamy. Then you have the peppery spice showing up. Freshening, is simple, but sure, it doesn't feel cheap in the mouth.

Finish: Oiliness and salty. If you were to chewy a bit, it has an oolong tea aftertaste.

Nice scale: 82/100

Glen Moray 2007 13 YO 53.4%-Refill American Oak Barrels & a finish in Amontillado wine cask /Single Cask Strength

Nose: Sweet sherried influence, brown sugar, tabacoo. There is a sharp 'gas' smell at the end of each wave. You can feel the obvious difference between the usage of casks.

Mouth: Sweet sherry, brown sugar, a milky feeling, vanilla and honey. Nuttiness with some oak spice slowly reveals itself. Orange peels can be felt at one moment.

Finish: Sweet lasting; keep giving me an impression of sweet milk!

You have to try this if you can.

Nice scale: 86/100

Glen Moray 2007 15 YO 50.7%-First Fill Barrel /Single Cask Strength

Nose: Coconut milkshake, honey, empty teapot, hay and vanilla cream.

Mouth: Quite round when entering, sweet, some coconut expressions. Light peppery spice.

Finish: Some of the oiliness persist till the end, with light numbness, sweetness lingering in the tongue and slightly bitter notes.

Straight forward, easy to drink and a textbook example of how first fill barrel should be used.

Nice scale: 84/100

Glen Moray 1991 29 YO 47.5%-Refill Hogshead /Single Cask

The star is here.

Nose: Gentle on the nose. Hay, honey, sweet, vanilla. It smells like a winter morning in the northeast part of China, lol. Why north-east? Cause I grow up there. Anyways it has hazelnut chocolate as well.

Mouth: Honey, some guilinggao, creamy, and vanilla. Some gentle guzao vibes.

Finish: Oiliness, sweet, and light bitter notes that are not annoying yet not boring.

Nice scale: 86/100

Each bottle does show how the difference in the usage of casks can direct the taste and expression in each drop.

The milky sweetness of Glen Moray 2007 13 YO Amontillado wine cask still stuck in my mind till the very end of my Glen Moray night.

Glen Moray 2007/1991 PST

Glen Moray 2007 13 YO PST

Glen Moray 2007 15 YO PST

Glen Moray 1991 29 YO PST whisky reveiws


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