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Glen Garioch 2012 11YO 48.50% (IB, PST)


Sweet, oaky and sunflower seeds

Nice scale: 82/100

Distillate at Glen Garioch in 2012, aged for at least 11 years in first-fill barrels. This bottle is the vatting of two first-fill barrels and is watered down to 48.5% ABV.

Glen Garioch 2012 11YO 48.50%

Nose: Reminds me of green grapes, hay and saliva, feeling on the nose, together with sugary and dusty sunflower seeds expressions. I find it a bit raw/distillate-driven as well. The green grass and leaves are soon to be spotted on the nose. Happening on the nose.

Mouth: Hallow/bland for the first second. Sweetness kicks in; the expressions of sunflower and pumpkin seeds are there. The mouthfeel gives me a feeling of drinking soda water. Oily creamy tarts, leaves and light oak spice.

Finish: Oily and light bitterness. Some woody expression is still present.

Simple, sweet and pleasant. And this time, there is a better balance between the oak and distillate characters, easier to approach.

Nice scale: 82/100

Simple, sweet and pleasant daily dram.

Glen Garioch 2012 11YO 48.50% (IB, PST)

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