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Event; The Macallan Harmony Experience 12nd Nov 2023 & other drams.


I went to the Macallan Harmony Experience, and despite how much I don't prefer Macallan, I didn't carry any bias when I was there and tried their Green Meadow and Amber Meadow with curiosity.

1) Macallan Green Meadow 40.2%

Matured in both ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks. I have tried this first as It seems to have a lower ABV than the other.

MACALLAN Green Meadow
Image from Kris

Nose: Very light, I would call it bland. And, very interestingly, the nose is very similar to Macallan ANOE first release. There is also malts and light sweetness with some green apple expression. Simple on the nose.

Mouth: Light-bodied, honey, creamy and oak spice with malts. These flavours came in a very light manner. Simple in the mouth.

Finish: Light buttery notes with some creamy expressions.

Very young, I would even say it tastes like a mediocre ~3 YO whisky. And it gives the same vibe as what a young Glenfiddich is giving me. Good for entry-level? Yes it is, but I'm not sure if you are willing to pay that much for a NAS entry-level daily sippers. And it is similar to ANOE first release, so.....

Nice scale: 60/100

2) Macallan Amber Meadow 44.2%

Macallan Amber Meadow
Image from Kris

Nose: Light, bright, sweet yellow fruits and malts. Simple on the nose.

Mouth: Creamy and oka spice. Simple in the mouth.

Finish: Cream.

I felt this is brighter, but the structure is even simpler than Green Meadow. Good for beginners? Maybe, and likely, as it is simple and bland, but price-wise? I don't think so.

Nice scale: 60/100

Image from Kris

But the artwork, experience and ambience are great.

So again, if Macallan is producing a whisky that is simple, bland and suitable for beginners but why is the RSP so high up? You are paying close to 300 SGD to get a NAS, matured in a seasoned sherry with bourbon casks and watered down to 40-44%.

You sure can replace this bottle with the Cai Shen Ye status in your home.

This concludes my first half of Sunday. My head hurts.

3) Ki One Batch 1 40%

Ki One Batch 1
Image at Louis's Place

Korean Whisky, matured in Virgin American Oak, 3YO.

Nose: Candied cherry, a very young sherry blend. And then there is nothing, flat bottom.

Mouth: Rubber and nuts. Hard to swallow, for real.

This is bad. Master blender should be awarded to only drink this for the rest of 2024.

(SORRY LOUIS-tried to think and care for your feelings; hope I still get to try your whiskies next time )

Nice scale: 30/100

4) GlenDronach 8YO Octarine 46%

GlenDronach 8YO Octarine
Image on Louis Dinning Table

Bourbon and sherry

Nose: Brown sugar, slight harsh still, chocolate and orange peels

Mouth: Round sherry, nuts, creamy and light tobacco. Oak spice but still bit bland in the mouth.

Finish: Nuts and creamy, light sweetness remain.

It's not bad, but it's not very memorable.

Nice scale: 78/100

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