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Diageo Game of Throne 8 PC set (OB)

Diageo Game of Throne 8 PC set


Good for display

Let's start with the GOT set to announce the end of my whisky/alcohol-free week! Almost forget how whisky tastes like!

This 8-set consists of the following:

Dalwhinnie Winter's Forst, Royal Lochnagar 12 YO, Oban Bay Reserve, Singleton GlenDullan, Cardhu Gold Reserve, Clynelish Reserve, Lagavulin 9 YO and Talisker Select Reserve.

Mortlach wasn't part of the original 8 but more of an add-on.

Drinking sequence as follow:

Diageo Game of Throne 8 PC set

Dalwhinnie Winter's Forst 43%

Nose: Simple, light on the nose. Apple, honey water and vanilla.

Mouth: Spice, creamy, apple, sweet and honey. Light bodied.

Finish: Bubble gum feelings if you have chewed them before. Dry as well.

Nice Scale: 50/100

Royal Lochnagar 12 YO 40%

Nose: Honey, malt, lemon and orchard fruits.

Mouth: Plain, light, too watered-down. Bitter.

Finish: Short and gone. No idea what this bottle is trying to express or if it is simply rubbish.

Nice Scale: 30/100

Oban Bay Reserve 43%

Nose: Honey, I release that's much of the core expression on the nose for the GOT release. Citrus, malts, some floral notes and hints of saltiness with smokiness.

Mouth: Plain, light, salty and peppery

Finish: Peppery, very young, not many flavours.

Nice Scale: 50/100

Singleton Glendullan 40%

Nose:Light, light sense of fresh fruits, vanilla and wet woods

Mouth: Soft, can sense the light sense of bitterness is hiding below the liquid. Some creaminess, maybe a bit of the super light honey water-hard to find.

Finish: Short like the rest, woody and the aftertaste of sipping down honey water, generally young.

Nice Scale: 50/100

Cardhu Gold Reserve 40%

Nose: Despite being only 40%, this little three-head dragon is getting pretty spirit driven in the nose. Fiercely guarding the treasure. Vanilla, honey and also a headache.

Mouth: Light and weak in the mouth, paper dragon. Vanilla and maybe some of the ginger feelings.

FInish: Oak spice.

Nice Scale: 50/100

Clynelish Reserve 51.2%

Nose: I think this is the only cask-strength whisky here. Citrus, fruity and do feel the presence of 'waxiness.'

Mouth: Sweet, lemon and numbness in the mouth.

Finish: Creamy, and again, a young, simple and straight whisky but the best so far.

Nice Scale: 60/100

Lagavulin 9 YO 46%

Nose: Sweet peat, smoky and feel like nosing a mint.

Mouth: Peat, creamy and quite fierce in the mouth. The smell of a hospital in the mouth.

Finish: Short, ashy and hints of sweetness remain.

Nice Scale: 65/100

Talisker Select Reserve 45.8%

Nose: Smoke, coastal vibes and orange peels

Mouth: Light and raw; you have creamy, smoky, peaty and saltiness in the mouth. Peppery spice kicks in. And, light sweetness on the second sip.

Finish: Peppery and trail of smokiness.

Nice scale: 60/100

Generally, it is a group of super young whiskies- as you should know by reading the label. Good for entry range maybe-but you will get bored of it fast. And sure good for displaying them on your shelves for sure. Diageo is riding the hype and not caring much about the qualities- I'm guessing they want to target this set of whisky to GOT fans who haven't drunk any whisky before.

Anyways, you can get the 8pc*15ml tasting experience at $30 SGD NETT over Here.

Diageo Game of Throne 8 PC set


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