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Campbeltown 2014 8 YO 57% (IB,Master of Malt)

Updated: May 14, 2023

Campbeltown 2014 8 YO 57%


Tobacco, sweet and rich.

Nice scale: 82/100

Received a sample of it from a kind sir; just as I was about to put it with the rest of the sample bottlings, I realised it's not a good habit and idea to throw them aside into one dark corner and forget about it till the next sample bottle arrives. I have to open some and start drinking. (Why do we collect things)

Distilled in 2014 and bottled in 2022, single cask with a 'teaspoon malt' in it.

The teaspoon adds a small portion of other liquid added into the cask, so after they have sold the cask to brokers or independent bottlers like MOM, and when the purchaser decides to bottle it, they can't use the distillery's name on the bottle and can't be sold as single malt anymore - but only blended is allowed.

In a way, it protects the distillery's branding.

Still, the original liquid took up 99% of the cask.

One example is Westport; it is Glenmorangie with a teaspoon of Glen Moray.

And, a (or slightly more than a ) teaspoon doesn't change the flavour of the whisky, even if he adds a 'bottleful' (700ml); it's likely to only make up 0.27% of the total liquids in a Hogshead.

Anyways back to this Campbeltown bottle, his cask journey consists of refill Hogshead

->sherry Octave -> refill Hogshead. Bottled at 57% cask strength, yielding 372 bottles.

Campbeltown 2014 8 YO 57%

Nose: The damp, dirty Campbeltown, coastal vibes with the sea breeze blowing at you, the alcohol is fierce on the nose.

Mouth: Warming, decently rich, tobacco and chocolates. Smoke does show himself towards the end. Also, light creaminess. Rich, but I don't call it complex.

Finish: Sweet, brown sugar-ish of sweetness in the aftertaste quietly lingering in the mouth.

Nice young Campbeltown; the sweet aftertaste still got me thinking over and over again. I like the subtle presence of tobacco in the mouth. Value for the price.

Nice scale: 82/100

Campbeltown 2014 8 YO 57%


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