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Balblair 2013 10YO 52.4% (IB, Whisky Broker)

Balblair 2013 10YO 52.4% (IB, Whisky Broker)
Image from Whisky Base


Banana cake, sweet yellow fruits and nutty oak spice.

This Balblair was distilled on 4th March 2013 and aged in a first-fill bourbon barrel (#382) for 10 years. Bottled at an ABV of 52.4% from a single cask under Whisky Broker's new label 'CREE' - From Scotlands,'s Forgotten Corner.

Balblair 2013 10YO 52.4% (IB, Whisky Broker)

Nose: Sweet ripe yellow fruits, it deliver the sweet summer vibe on the nose. (When I first opened the nose, it offered a good hint of earth expression as well). Rich, vanilla and banana cake on the nose.

Mouth: A touch of cream, then the nuts and malt (with a bit of dusty feeling). The light, sweet honey notes are present throughout the expression. Spice kicks in.

Finish: light oilless and the spirit of banana is back, like eating a banana cake.

This Balblair combines very well with the first-fill bourbon barrel: banana cake, sweet honey and nutty oak spice. It's not that easy, but it's not that complex that it will give you a headache. A very solid delivery from the 10-year Balblair.

Perhaps it's meant to be drunk during summer.

I wouldn't be able to provide a score for this as this is another brand that is distributed by me. So, if you want to get one bottle, CLICK HERE

Balblair 2013 10YO 52.4% (IB, Whisky Broker)
Image from Kris


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