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Arran Bodega Sherry Cask 55.8% L22 10 20 (OB)

Arran Bodega Sherry Cask 55.8% L22 10 20 (OB)


Juicy, peppery and thick.

Nice scale: 83/100

The twin brother of Arran Quarter Cask Strength. Non-age statement (But stated it was matured for 7 years), first-fill sherry hogshead and nature cask strength at 55.8%.

The colour does give me a very good feeling.

Arran Bodega Sherry Cask 55.8%

Nose: Plum, damp wood, vanilla. The nose is overshadowed by the strong presence of the alcohol. Light sense of honey and some sweatiness in the nose as well. Bit of the dusty hay feeling. Sherry bomb? I don't think so. Orange peels? Yes.

Mouth: Quite thick and juicy, sweet and warming. And then, the peppery kicks in. Can feel the creaminess as well. Orange peels again tagging along with some toffee. Straightforward in a sense- but it is a comfortable drink in the mouth. Reminds me of some of the expressions in Glenlivet 2006 16 YO Cask Strength Collection 60.7% SV.

Finish: Subtle sweetness and numbness remain in the mouth.

The only downfall Is the experience ends quickly, not too quickly, but still short. A lovely thick and juicy expression in the mouth in the initial stage, then, rush in the pepper. And, the end. This took away much of the core Arran expression. Anyways, still, a nice and comfortable dram to pick to savour throughout the night.

Nice scale: 83/100

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-Bodega Sherry will be part of the 5 Arran you can get to try~

Arran Bodega Sherry Cask 55.8% L22 10 20 (OB)


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