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Ardmore (Ardlair) 2010 11 YO 50% (IB, PST-Thompson Bros)

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Ardmore (Ardlair) 2010 11 YO 50% (IB, PST-Thompson Bros)


Melon, peppery and subtle peat smoke

Nice Scale: 82/100

Ardlair, the unpeated brother of Ardmore. At least, that's what I believed before trying this bottle.

A release from PST back in July 2022. Aged for 11 Years in a single refill bourbon barrel, outturn of 287 bottles at an ABV of 50%.

Ardmore distillery is seated on the eastern side of the highland, and further to the northeast, you have GlenDronach stealing much of the spotlight in the area. But this doesn't mean Ardmore/Ardlair (Technically, there is no OB release of Ardlair but only releases from IBs) is not good enough; they are just less heard of and tried compared to others.

Ardmore (Ardlair) 2010 11 YO 50%

Nose: The sweetness of the muskmelon is the first thing that came to my mind, and after further exploration, you can find some of the fresh grass and floral notes smell as well.

Mouth: Creamy and oily, melon starts to show. Then you have the peppery smoke and very subtle peat in here. Ardlair, with peat but not Ardmore.

Finish: Long and coastal vibes, clean finish-suspecting it has OCD.

Simple and only a bit of a surprise (that Ardlair has peat).

Nice Scale: 82/100

Ardmore (Ardlair) 2010 11 YO 50% (IB, PST-Thompson Bros)


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