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A Secret Speyside 2011 11YO 48.5%(IB, PST-Thompson Bros)

A Secret Speyside 2011 11YO 48.5%(IB, PST-Thompson Bros)


Too distillate driven, oily, salty and meaty

Nice scale: 79/100

Distilled at a secret Speyside distillery in 2011 and placed in two refill sherry butts for it age to 11 years before vatting it and bottling in June 2023. ABV is diluted to 48.5%.

A Secret Speyside 2011 11YO 48.5%

Nose: Meaty, malt and the mash. Sulfury notes are mixed with citrus and light brown sugar. Reminds me of warm puke.

Mouth: Oily, something towards the bread and malt. Oak spice. You can feel the body of the liquid towards a meaty texture. Bland and flat in the mouth, nothing much to be explored, and nothing is exciting.

Finish: Saltiness of the sea salt, towards to dryer side.

If this is like what they said

... tactically diluted to 48.5%ABV. An excellent daily speyside dram with plenty of gentle refill sherry notes and raw ingredients present. Quite distillate drive.

Then it is ok, but I (A subjective statement) have to say it is not an excellent daily Speyside dram, it is bland and boring, lacking some depth and yes, it is distillate driven. The nose does not give me a good impression and luckily, the mouth didn't go in that direction, the mouth is bland, but at least it doesn't taste bad/the worst you can get.

Too much focus on the 'distillate drive', trying to show the character of the distillery's spirit. I doubt the refill cask (Maybe it's his 4th time) has much influence on the flavour and plays little part in presenting the liquid as a whole.

Think it is Craigellachie

Nice scale: 79/100

Boring, getting too much of the distillate-driven thingy. The price is ok for it's age but I do want more in the flavour.

A Secret Speyside 2011 11YO 48.5%(IB, PST-Thompson Bros)

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