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Wire Work Caduro 46.8% (OB, White Peak)

Wire Work Caduro 46.8% (OB, White Peak)

Ok, for this. I can't rate it, I will be distributing this brand, and I will be too biased toward the bottle. What I can do is share the tasting note for this bottle.

Anyways, White Peak is a new distillery founded in 2016, located in Derbyshire provenance- new but not raw, for sure. Distilling a lightly peated style of whiskies over there.

'Caduro is aunique vatting of Derbyshire single malt matured in a combination of American and French oak, both first fill ex-bourbon and White Peak’s signature STR Casks (re-conditioned wine barriques that have been shaved, toasted and re-charred). The selection of STR casks, and proportion of French oak used for Caduroadds extra fruit depth and intensity to the lightly-peated spirit.'

Wire Work Caduro 46.8%

To much of what I believe, bottling above 46% ABV can help in reducing the bottle to turn cloudy or haze at room temperature as the floc point is at 46% - Which is common to non-chill filtered whiskies.

Non-chill filtered and no added colour. - You know I have to make this clear, just in case.

Nose: Soil, sweet candy ( for a second, it reminds me of The Natural Confectionery Co.Fruity Gummies - Snakes) with some apples and pears. Simple on the nose.

Mouth: Towards a lighter, cream, honey, some expression of maraschino cherries and fruit cakes. Spice as well. The entry was initiated with the creaminess first, and then flavours started to show.

Finish: Hints of smoke and light ashy peat to be felt with the spice and a little creaminess left.

A young whisky and a young distillery, there is no way to hide these facts. A simple and easy sipper to begin with. However, It does show us some new interesting perspectives on how these new distilleries are making the whisky.

ANYWAYS, what more important is, I will arrange a tasting at a super good price when they arrive, hopefully in early June. So everyone can get a chance to taste them or even better to buy a bottle haha.

Wire Work Caduro 46.8% (OB, White Peak)

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