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Pride of Sponge 1993 28 YO 59B 46.1% (IB, WhiskySponge)

Updated: Apr 6, 2023


Dough, creamy and non-aggressive

Nice scale: 87/100

Distilled in 1993 and aged for 28 Years in a single refill hogshead at an undisclosed highland single malt, bottled at a cask strength of 46.1%. An outturn of 286 bottles.

I thought it was a cream on the label, so I was expecting a creamy whisky- yes, it is creamy, but it's actually a drawing of a loaf of bread. Which, again, has a much malty element in the drink as well.

Pride of Sponge 28 YO 59B 46.1%

Nose: Dought mixing with malt, a bit of the dusty granary feelings- which almost triggered my rhinitis. Erasers and a sense of apple and sweetness start to develop if you allow him to breathe a bit- he has waited 28 years to be bottled and won't mind a few minutes more. Vanilla, cream and butter start to show. The empty glass (after I drink finish) also reminds me of syrup.

Mouth: Non-aggressive, gently enters the mouth with creamy and waxy feelings. Malt and sawdust are the two other impressions I felt, and with oat bread elements make it qualifies for the healthy choice label. Much flavour is concentrated in the first few seconds when it enters the mouth. Edit: it also tastes like sunflower seeds!

Finish: Light spice and still bits of dusty feelings, light ending.

A modest 28 YO scotch man that has some story to tell to those who are patient enough.

Not a complex one, easy to approach, and a comfortable drink to enjoy.

Nice scale: 87/100


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